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All opinions and views mentioned on the chic newyorker are my own and they are mentioned for information, enjoyment and reviewing purposes only. Everyone is entitled to their own personal opinions and these are mine. I will never intentionally disrespect anyone or any brand, but i will always be honest about my personal experiences and share my honest opinions with my audience.



my promise is to make sure that my audience feel as though they can trust what I say, and not being sold or feel like i'm pushing products and brands on them. i wouldn't want to feel like someone was lying to me so i won't be the one to lie to my audience. i will be honest and constructive in my reviews on things and if its not worth mentioning, i won't mention it at all. i will only talk about, feature and/or showcase things that are worth it.


Affiliates . Sponsors 

I use affiliates from companies to sometimes earn a percentage of commission on anything that has to do with fashion and lifestyle sales and because of the aforementioned, This blog uses cookies. The links don't cost you anything extra more than they normally would. the percentage of the commission is taken from the affiliated Program and is basically a little thank you from the retailer for me showing you and/or talking about the product and having it as and ad on my blog.


whenever a brand sponsors me or sponsors a particular post i will always let it be known. even when compensation is a factor, it will not influence the honesty of the content, topics and/or posts made on this blog. i am is all about transparency,  and the truth is just always better.

Image  Credits

Images posted on this blog are mine, unless otherwise stated. Please do not use any of the images for ANY purposes or material. If you would like to use any of the images from the chic newyorker for any social media content or project, please credit me and link back to this blog. if i use content and images externally i will name and credit from their sources. please don't hesitate to contact me to report any imagery found somewhere else without credit. I will immediately take the necessary actions. 

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