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winter skincare for oily skin

This might confuse a lot of people, but having oily skin doesn't mean you don't need the extra moisture on your your body especially your face during the winter months. As a makeup artist, I have heard it all. People with oily skin, thinking that the natural oils that their skin produces is enough, then wondering why they're so oily! If you have oily skin, and you deprive yourself of proper hydration to your skin, it will only produce more oil to combat the stiffness and dryness that your skin produces. ALSO NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT SPF! I have a post on my favorite ones here

Lets discuss products that you can add to your already established routine for morning and night that wouldn't or shouldn't overwhelm you.


Serums are the boosters you need to add to your skincare routine.


I love hyaluronic acids, as they're hydrating and give your skin extra healthy plumpness, and is best used after your toner or while your face is still damp, i seem to get the best use of it this way because hyaluronic acids are humectants. It just gets the job done and can be used in your morning and night time skincare routine.


I love this especially for myself and other oily folks out there! This is great for you, if you produce excessive oil and break out often, this is also amazing for minimizing the APPEARNCE of pores, not to eliminate them, if there's a product out there telling you it can shrink your pores, RUN! because it's a lie. Generally if you have pores, you have oily skin and/or combination skin, that's where our oils secrete from. You can also use this both morning and night but i prefer using mine, in my night time routine.


This is good for every skin type, especially if you have texture or some type of dullness to your skin. Niacinamide acts as rescuers for your skin, also good for the pores, can soothe some redness and really great for dark spots. I use mine from Peter Thomas Roth morning and at at night.


This should be a no brainer, plain and simple. EVERYONE NEEDS MOISTURIZER. EVERYONE! Choosing the right type of moisturizer is imperative for your skin. For oily skin types, i always recommend gel based moisturizer opposed to cream. I prefer cream moisturizers at night only, and i use gel based ones daytime/morning routine especially if i know i am going to have makeup on. Here are my personal favorite gel based ones.


Yes. Yes, you can use oils on your skin no matter what skin types you have. Most oils are simple and straight to the point, but it's always good to make sure you know the types of ingredients in the oils you use. Here are the ones i use in rotation. I use my oils only at night, and is always my last step in my skincare routine because it is an occlusive, and basically seals in every step that you've just pampered your skin with.

Products that i didn't mention are the ones that are no-brainers to me, are Cleaners and Exfoliator. There are soooo many out there and most of them are really good and are straight to the point and get the job done! The ones I'm currently using right now is the Drunk Elephant Beste No9 jelly cleanser and the Youth To The People Yerbamate Resurfacing Facial and this has niacinamide, as my exfoliator.

I hope this break down of products helps you narrow down some choices if you wanted to add something to help with your skincare during this brutal winter we seem to be having!


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