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chic on a budget

We all want to look our best no matter where we are or where we are going. Most people associate looking their best with buying the most luxurious brands and just throwing it together. Don't get me wrong, I prefer my higher end and luxury pieces the most because they literally last longer but i don't always want to shell out the price tag. So to save my monies and still get all the pieces i love, i go to places like TJ Maxx, Burlington, Macy's and thrift stores to get it because they give you the option to shop higher end pieces at a low price, and i'm always surprised at the amazing things they have and finding some gems with the right price tag never really hurt anyone.

This outfit and this bag was purchased at TJ Maxx( truly i love this place) the belt is a strap from this bag in case you wanted wanted to wear it crossbody, so basically it was a 2 in 1 and that is a bargain to me, while still looking good and comfortable. Now for places like i just mentioned, i don't mind shopping for trendy pieces like this Bag because honestly it wont cost you an arm and your first born child. I always shy away from spending a lot of money on anything trendy, especially if it's really trendy, imagine spending hundreds or maybe even thousands on trendy pieces only to not get your money's worth.

Shoes are also items i make sure i don't splurge on if its too trendy, because if you're anything like me you'll know cost per wear is essential and you just want to be able to enjoy the pieces you spend your hard earned money on by wearing it over and over again without feeling like you look outdated. These Steve Madden shoes are pretty comfortable and thanks to the blocked heel and the straps, my feet doesn't feel trapped in.


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