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a fall classic

It's safe to say fall is most people's favorite season. I know, I know, it may not be YOURS, but almost everyone I know loves fall. I was always a summer kinda of gal. However over the years, the colours, the festivities, the candles, home décor and style, just always makes my heart flutter. Which brings me to my favourite thing, something that I have owned for at least 6 years, this jacket.

I can't link it because I have had it for so long, but ill link the style similar to it HERE. No matter what I pair it with, it automatically elevates the look. In this picture, i styled it with a midi dress from Target (similar) and I paired it with casual boots from &Other Stories. It can be dressed down, or up, when I'm going to a cocktail party or when I'm going to brunch. It's extremely warm and I don't need any other layers, especially when I'm wearing a chunky knit underneath.

I don't need scarf when I wear it due to it's big collar and buttons. It can easily be pulled together and protect my neck, if the temperature drops unexpectedly. I love that it's a classic, it's a neutral colour which will always pair well with other colours and it's the perfect fall colour. It's also good for when it's not as cold, so i usually get away with not wearing a sleeve.

I would also say, sustainability. I have had this for about 6 years, it's still in amazing shape, dirt comes off it really easily, and

honestly know I will have this for more years to come and I would absolutely consider this a staple and a classic in my fall wardrobe. If you see me wearing this all autumn, it's because it's that good.


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